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Fixtures out tomorrow


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13 Dec 2017
EFL fixtures out tomorrow 9.00am
Any preferences with who, when, where, dates etc?
Sunderland will be away on September 30th weekend, because I want to go and that's Berlin Marathon weekend and f*ck you that's why!
Honestly though, please Sunderland away on a decent weekend.
History says.

Away to Shrewsbury on Easter Monday. Accrington away between November and February. Start away from home, finish away from home. Home on Boxing Day. Play all promoted and relegated team within the first 10 games.
Reckon we'll have a free weekend on the last round of matches as we'll have been scheduled to play the team that went bust during the season!
Oxford United v Ipswich Town opening fixture.

Blackpool in September

Pompey at home boxing day

Sunderland away last game, and we lift the trophy in front of their supporters.
Always get excited when the fixtures come out. Would like home fixture first game, home fixture Boxing Day and then away to Blackpool last day if the season to clinch the title.
Rotherham away, first game of the season.
Mk away, last game of the season.

They don't change the fixtures too much.
I’m guessing we are going to play all 23 teams, home and away, in some random order.

I think you are right but that it will not be random. I think that when the fixtures are released they will generally be predictable in date. I do concede that weather and cup competitions have the potential to induce an element of uncertainty.
I'd say good fixtures for 1st, Boxing day, Good Friday and last games
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