First 11 games v last 11 games


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14 Dec 2017
Our first 11 games saw us win 1, draw 2 and lose 8 = 5 points. Even my optimism was struggling at that point. Buy fast forward to today and our last 11 games have seen us win 8, draw 2 and lose 1 = 26 points.

Robinson always said to judge him once he had a settled side without injuries, and in that regard he has delivered. We've got some decent strength in depth and have been able to use the subs bench more effectively in recent weeks. At times we've been able to bring Whyte, Sinclair, Graham or Mackie when teams are tired, and also had the likes of Ruffels and Long who look as fit as anyone I've seen this season. A lot of credit for this must go to the preparations that started preseason when Robinson spoke about getting the conditioning right then and it will pay off through the season. We are looking fitter than any other team right now.

An unbelievable turnaround, and Robinson, Derry and Faz must deserve credit for getting us to where we are tonight.
With season tickets for next season now available there was never a better time to hit form and get the feel good factor going!
In another thread I pointed out that we're 3rd in the form table over the past 10 games, and 6th over the past 30 games. That's some form! As you said, Scotchegg, having a settled side has really helped, and KR has worked wonders putting out the best team and making the best substitutions.
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