Financial "Fair Play"...............

Whats the point?
"QPR have agreed a settlement of almost £42m with the English Football League after an arbitration panel dismissed the Championship club's claims that Financial Fair Play rules are unlawful."
"Leicester City will pay the Football League £3.1m after settling a FFP dispute from the 2013/14 season when the club won the Championship."
Bournemouth have reached a settlement with the EFL of £4.75million following a breach of Financial Fair Play regulations.

And UEFA "give the money back" to clubs in the Champions League & Europa League...........
"In line with the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee of September 2014, 80% of the amounts withheld due to non-compliance with FFP rules have been distributed equally to clubs that played in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and 20% of the amounts withheld have been distributed equally to clubs eliminated during the qualifying stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. "

Who said cheats never prosper?


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hmm, maybe the closed shop sharing out of Murdoch's mega millions at Prem level (and above) means the elite give less fucks than they ever have done about rules, regs and the like
Thanks folks, not just be that finds it almost pointless then!
It seems "cheat your way into the land of plenty", then when you get there the "fines" will be chicken feed.

The rich get richer and the poor get the crumbs.
Slightly off topic of FFP but I was watching a clip of Gary Neville talk about the sale of Wembley and how ridiculous it is if the asking price is £500million. He pointed out that £500 million in the footballing world is pittance. The FA are making out that this money is vital for grass roots football. In reality they could quite easily find it within the top flight.

Over a season £250 million is spent on agent fees alone in the top flight. Surely there needs to be a gap put on this? Then there is the 'price' money in the premier league. If you come bottom (the worst performing team out of 20) of the premier league you receive 100 million pounds!! 100 million for being the shittest team in your league is ridiculous.

Money has ruined the game at the top end and it doesn't look to be getting any better. These pathetic little fines clubs get for breaking the rules to get to the top is both embarrassing and insulting to all the clubs that try and do things by the book.

Gary Baldi

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What Neville perhaps forgets is the FA need the Premier League, the Premier League don't need the FA. While the FA could lean on the Premier League more, they need to be careful that Premier League just don't walk away.


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These rulings do seem to be all over the place, and yes the disincentive just does not appear to be there. You list a few recent rulings where clubs have overspent by millions and then fined whatever is found down the back of the sofa. Same in Europe when they threaten exclusion from European competition yet always seem to let them back in.

Situation at Villa is interesting this year - as the media seem to be all over the club on this issue, yet they havent done anything wrong (yet)! In fact, they seem to be attempting to address the situation whereas these rulings seem to suggest that they shouldn't bother.
The QPR "settlement" of £42M is a bit ambiguous. The BBC report says the fine is £17m + £3m legal costs. The balance of £22m are Shareholders' loans that are to be written off, so this is not money going out to a third party but simply money the Shareholders can't get back from their own club, which they probably wouldn't have got back anyway. In normal situations, shareholders write off their own loans, often by issuing shares. So how I understand it the total cost to the club is only £20m.

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Nah. Totally virtuous and community thinking at all times those big clubs.

And does rather show how limited UEFA is to stop clubs spending over and above any FFP rules there are.


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And... FIFA would ban Super League players from playing international football. Not a bright idea. A WC without the best players seems a bad way to sell into the masses and I'm sure sponsors wouldn't be happy to see Messi or Ronaldo sat at home
on a parallel

didn't International Cricket 'ban' players involved in Kerry Packers short-lived 'super- cricket tournaments' or whatever it was?

twas too long ago, and after a 120 mile drive its not a good to try to delve into what's left of my memory banks !!

All or more or less all kissed n made up a few years after Packer's 'glorious' idea ran its short-lived course, I think?

Gary Baldi

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Yeah, which led to some odd players playing international cricket. Ultimately, today's cricketers can then Packer for their riches
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