Fifa Caretaker Manager 2018


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7 Dec 2017
Just for fun...

So, put yourself in Faz’s shoes. You’ve been given the reigns with the challenge of turning things round in the short term and steady the ship.

What would you do tactically? what would your team be for tomorrow? what players would you look to ship out and what type of players would you look to bring in?
I'd tell the players not to focus on whatever they've been focusing on, but to go out and express themselves, to play without fear.
I'd get their shushing fingers ready. Then ask them to both get it forward and pass it around, while running around and ensuring all players dive into tackles as soon as possible. ;)
Ask them if they have a backbone and if they claim they do then suggest they show it on the pitch.
I'd tell them that to continue playing as they have is putting their futures here and elsewhere in doubt. Would any scout be recommending more than two of our players as any sort of target based on the last month's efforts? Never mind what happens when a new gaffer looks at them with a dispassionate eye and sizes up who gets to stay past April!

I'd put players in their proper positions as far as possible - injuries and suspensions allowing - with emphasis on the wide men staying wide, going past their man and putting crosses in.

I would drill into them that if we are in possession and they aren't on the ball, that isn't an excuse to have a breather - it is an opportunity to run into some space and make themselves available. And if we aren't in possession then constant back-pedaling if anyone runs at you is not the thing to do - you don't have to dive in, but at least get close enough to stop a cross or shot.

I'd reorganise the defense at set pieces - no zonal marking, a man on the posts if needed and leave at least one player up: preferably one who can hold the ball.

I'd tell Obika that he is more likely to win a header if he jumps for the ball, Thomas that he is more likely to win a ball if he doesn't deliberately get himself the wrong side of his man.

I'd tell Mehmeti and GvK to go out and buy some milk, then change the locks when they were gone.
I’d tell them to impress the f**k out of Frank Lampard cos if he comes here and they are playing shite, he will have them in for extra training. And while they are in for extra training his mate JT will be giving their wives something extra!
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