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14 Dec 2017
One thing I can remember about Colin Greenall after the club had recently signed him was a bloke behind us who took an instant dislike to him. Greenall was isolated and being chased down by 2 opponents so rather than get caught he correctly cleared the ball over the Osler Road. This bloke shouted "Great, we've wasted all that money on a 4th Division defender" ignoring that Briggs, Shotts etc would have done the same. He made such comments throughout games and ignored good play. Iirc, somebody got so irritated by it that he told him to "shut the f*ck up". Fortunately we moved to the London Road not so long after.
David Leworthy was another player for whom the club paid a lot of money - £175,000 from Tottenham - and got lots of stick.

Colin Greenall cost £235,000 from Gillingham and was a replacement for Tommy Caton in 1988 but never really settled.

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