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No Paul do go. I'd like to know how we get on.

I'm going myself, but have a feeling I will have my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears for long periods!
Thanks for that. I won't bother to go then.
No Paul do go I have hopes we are starting to see the start of a come back from our bad run. I thought Mous and Dickie were pretty good and liked the way Kane was available and running at the full back. I'm a bit mystified at Thomas not on the field or bench but hey ho something had to be tried. We lost but did not deserve to loose and as long as we have the sprit of Lego in the team we have hope. Loosing Rothwell when we did was a massive blow but if he's out we will have to manage. Brannigan may fill the role I hope no expectation that Pekalski will start in yellow this season for the first eleven. Keep the faith and thanks for the report.
Thanks Paul, always useful to have your report when I haven't been at the match.
Interesting to hear the Plymouth fan thinking IBR is quick and dangerous, to me he doesn't seem to cause much threat, but then I think opposition fans often tend to see opponents as dangerous, when they haven't had the opportunity to see the player over several matches when glimpses of skill never materialise in to any threat.


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Having spoken to Daryl Eales and gbt about this forum they both said it can get toxic an poisonous so don’t read it, they should be advised to read the fv, most people on the forum pretty much agree with what you write.

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