Fan's View No.2 20/21 - Lincoln away plus more


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6 Dec 2017
I was tempted to say that you didn't miss much by losing the internet signal but that would be trite. The frustration of the first half continued into the second and actually seeing it happen was more depressing than the Radox commentary. Talking of which, more than a couple of times the Radox team made mention of the poor variety of set piece action and how Mous needs to do a lot more work. The defending of set pieces needs more as well, a lot more.
The lack of pace is clear but, when you have Agyei and Cooper on the bench, why were they left sitting so long? Agyei, in particular looked to be causing some angst amongst the Imps defenders.
The biggest worry now has to be the left side, Ruffs, by the sound of things, will miss a few games. And, with Atkinson potentially missing 3 games, we are looking a little short on cover.

We don't do things the easy way!

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