Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - No.22 - Fleetwood at home


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6 Dec 2017
Agree with you @Paul B regarding the Whyte penalty, didn't see it at the time (maybe the ref and assistant missed it too?) but, having watched the highlights, it's quite clear to see - a hand on Whyte's shoulder, a slight pressure and he's tumbling and still trying to direct his shot. Penalty, nailed on.
And, as is so often the case, I agree again with your comments on McGuane, he does like to look for the foul, hangs onto the ball, turns, looks and turns again when an earlier pass would be better. Bodin frustrates me, as well. I can see the skill is there but, why does he hesitate so often? He needs to get his shot away sooner and with more conviction. (apart from one when he lunged at a pass which Whyte was teeing up)

Rotherham will, as you pointed out, be a far sterner test. Should be a good game, let's hope for a good result!


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6 Dec 2017
Also agree the whyte push was worth a shout....but being quite away from where i was i put it down to being just a shout...after watching it back actually it could probably shouldve been given

Match officials this season do seem to be letting far too much go (and the late late offiside flags are annoying to say the least)

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