Fan's View 19/20 - Play-off semi-final second leg


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6 Dec 2017
Captured the moment perfectly Paul, very good report.

The Lounger household was in a right state as the penalty shoot out began and, not much better after! We also did a fair bit of jumping up and down and rang a fellow 1893 club member to regale him with a chorus of "Wemberleee, Wemberlee" Poor sod, he'd had to endure the game on his own as his wife is not an avid fan, I'm guessing that joining in with the singing raised an eyebrow or two!
So, yes, restock the fridge and replenish the snacks and we go again. An empty Wembley will be strange and no crowd noise apparently. (Do we not warrant the expense of a sound engineer?)

Grumpy Git

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8 Dec 2017
We were peed Off it was going to pens. Dreading it is an understatement. Woodman first, christ he’s not kicked a ball.... then Cams final pen, we were in pieces before he took his run up. My god the screaming, shouting, cheering and the shaking. wow, bloody wow.

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