Fan's View Fan's View 19/20 - Bristol Rovers away

In full agreement with you Paul. The opposition in the last two games have both forced Eastwood into kicking and we have seen twice where that leads. I'm no football manager or tactician but even I can see that kicking up field for the opposition to win makes little sense. I will say though, one tiny ray of hope, just the one time, Mackie backed into his defender, the ball landed short of him and there was Fosu picking up the pieces.
Fully agree and came to the same conclusion, Taylor a great talent but the way we set up no plan b and a lack of experience/leaders if you take out Mous/Mackie and a lack of pace . Teams stop us playing out and make use of us being short at set pieces .
Hi Paul. Really good post. Insightful, honest and highlights key issues. I notice Niall Scotchegg hasn't posted here, yet.
Excellent as usual Paul. Terrible to say it (once again) but I thought some of our players did not deserve the shirt on Saturday. Steve Kinniburgh on RO hit the nail very firmly on the head!
What he said!
Absolutely spot on right down to the Devon bit... did you go to Woolacombe on Sunday by any chance?
No didn't go to Woolacombe but not that far away. My wife's family live down there. But was best to steer clear of Woolacombe anyway. Took drivers ages to get there. Crawl, crawl, crawl. And then on arrival eight quid to park. Nice massive beach but is it all worth it? I'd say no.
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