Fan's View 18/19 - Fleetwood at home

Thanks Paul.
I suppose it can only get better but, it's going to take some effort on KR and co. to motivate and organise. We were looking forward to Pompey coming Saturday but less so now!
Just watched the highlights and it can be seen that Shearer did not make contact with Burns. Can't blame the assistant for flagging, would have been easily fooled but, does show that neither of the two goals should have happened.
If Shearer had stayed on his feet and covered his near post the chance of a clear shot would not have been available.
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Excellent as always Paul - worrying times. We look a complete shambles!!
Excellent summary, as regards Mackie and why he started must be due to Derry, he is not fit or sharp enough (he is/was a good player).
If the poor form continues then I think we should consider Baptiste or Lopes
Good summing up.

I was so disappointed but remain philosophical because our best two players Eastwood and Carruthers are out.

I believe that Hansen will be a good signing as will Holmes.

The two full backs are a real worry and what we would give for Kane and Ricky right now.

If we are going to play with wingers let's get the ball to them a lot quicker.

Wouldn't have made any difference if we'd had a Moody or Hamilton up front the service was shocking so can't really comment on Smith.
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