Fan's View 18/19 - Barnsley away


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That was quick Paul!

Confirmed what I had heard and read though, a long way to go and much to be done.

God help us if we have another season like last. I'm not too fussed about promotion (we couldn't afford it anyway) but, travelling home from a home win would be so much better for my mental health.


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Worrying performance, and new players didn’t look good. Garbutt was shite, McMahon wasn’t good either. Midfield was non existent. Had no pace, width, strength or strikers. Mackie’s legs have gone. Obika is either really thick or just doesn’t have a clue about football. So reactive, slow, weak etc. Was optimistic before the season started, but after that performance I am very concerned because I just don’t think we have the players or the right gel of players to change it. Robinson talks the talk, but can he walk the walk. Oh and Tiger, get your wallet out as we need 4 strong athletic players in damn quick, but I fear we’ll be short changed again. Mid table at best, but could be worse if we play as poorly as that again.
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My sincere gratitude for getting this report out as early as possbiLe. When something like this happens it's best to vent early but also have to take into account the situation and I think you have done this exceptionally and after last seasons reports it comes as no surprise. We will be better and we will play lesser teams. It's not a disaster but it's a serious shock to the system


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Has anyone on here yet done a "balance sheet" of players 'money in' & 'money out'. Just how much "out" has Tiger actually pulled out of his own pocket because I have suspected from Day 1 that his pockets are not that deep! Others (Singha?) maybe, but not his. The next few days up until 5.00pm on Thursday may (hopefully) prove me wrong.

Great read as always Paul!


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Thanks Paul, couldn't make the game due to family commitments so have been waiting for your report! Hopefully KR can sort state of the team out before Fleetwood.

Paul B

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Thanks Paul. 3 months of building up expectation, hope, anticipation, gone in a flash.
However, could be worse, 10 years ago …… 2008/09 season … first game of season, AFC Barrow away, at Holker Street, lost 3-0, live on TV.
I bloody know. I was there. FFS - what was that time in OUFC's history all about?

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