FA Cup Third Cup - who do you want?


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7 Dec 2017
Since the HMRC thread is getting us all down, let's focus on the main positive from the weekend - we're in the third round of the FA Cup. Enter the PL and Championship sides as well as a few non-league sides who have made it this far.

Do we want the money spinner now and an inevitable exit? Or do we want to see how far we can go by drawing a side from the lowest rung possible? Whatever happens, we all know the cash is a really, really important bonus to us right now.

And before anyone moans - we have an equal chance of getting either Manchester United or Barnet. There is far more likely to be a tricky tie than one of the big sides so I fully expect moaning should we be drawn away to a unspectactular Championship side. I'll be leading those moans if we draw Sheffield 'We think we're big and a PL club in waiting but sub-8,000 fans will turn up when we play Oxford' United again.

We're ball 58 by the way.
HMRC will be hoping we get Manure away. Actually, that might not be so bad, chance for a weekend away again (thinking Middlesbrough in that season under Apples)
Away to any Non League side ...with the chance of progressing to the 4th round( & beyond) would do me ...or Reading at the breeze block ( as @Oufcad30 points out, we would have a good chance of beating them) ....and besides, its been a while since weve played the plastics
How many of the “Big club away please” crew bothered to turn up to our second round tie yesterday?
Everton away - one last chance to visit the grand old lady before Everton move to the docks in a few years time..
How many of the “Big club away please” crew bothered to turn up to our second round tie yesterday?

Presuming you know of everyone’s personal / work life’s?

Also, I’m guessing, you’re,





Living at home with your mum and dad?

As has been mentioned, if you take the time to post on here, there’s a pretty fair hanger you’re an oxford fan who goes to game when and if the circumstances allow.
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