Everton Under-23 Coach David Unsworth wanted by the Oxford United.


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Well if this is true and there is any mileage in it (about 170 miles 😎) then we could have ourselves a very good boss.


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Seems to me all that’s happened is we’ve approached Everton for permission to speak to Unsworth. Presumably we’ve targeted 2 or 3 to interview so it looks like interviews will take place next week.


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I take it you didn’t read the first post in the thread?...
I did actually, I just thought I would post a link to the OUFC story rather than the homepage of the Everton news page or whatever it was. Clicked on the original link and was a bit confused (for a little while).


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Very interesting interview with Phil McNulty, who's very positive about Unsworth. Can we lure him away from Everton?
Listened in as well, especially liked the way Unsworth was given a standing ovation for his final match versus WHU, helped by the Toffees winning 4-0 no doubt, none the less he's obviously appreciated.


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Sky sources: @OUFCOfficial have been given permission by @Everton to speak to U23s boss David Unsworth about their vacant managerial position. #SSN
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