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England V Spain


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6 Dec 2017
Sitting in a restaurant in Frigiliana, Spain. Food arrives and we score!! Loud cheers and whoops from us. 1-0.

Now looking a little sheepish as the score has changed to 1-2.

And it's raining and the forecast is for more storms. a**e! Another bottle please senor!
We have looked second best for large parts of the game. Too laboured in possession.
Spain excellent . We were good for first 20 minutes and cracking goal.
But after that Spain have been much the better team.
On the bench our attacking options are Welbeck and....
Surely we could have had Madison and Wilson on the bench?
Idiot referee decision. Should be 2-2. Even the Spanish in the restaurant acknowledged the error. They still smirked though.
I've also watched the game while in Spain. Same reaction from Spanish guys in the bar.....the disallowed goal should have stood! Towards the end of the game we created, but wasted many chances.
Don't like Henderson, he is always looking to pass back and not aware of where his forwards are.
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