Ashes News England V Ireland ashes warm up test match


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6 Dec 2017
one off test match at Lords , a 'warm up ' for the forthcoming Ashes series

England won the toss and chose to bat first

Roy makes his England test debut opening the batting

and was caught on 5 in the 3rd over

after 5 overs its 13-1
Middlesex boys combining to remove the Surrey man.
Hmm, England's problems putting together a workable top order to play in teat matches don't seem to have eased any.

36-3 in the 11th over .... Burns gone for 6

Murtagh took 2 of the 3 wickets for Ireland
Murtagh is a bloody good bowler, especially at Lord's, he's rolled over a few sides on that pitch.
Erm, as I said, that Murtagh can bowl. 42/6, he's got 4.

World Cup Hangover.
isnt too good so far, the test team batsmen being skittled out cheaply

bet Warner & Smith are rubbing their sandpapered hands together in anticipation
Looks like the 4 days aren’t going to be needed!
I've got tickets for day 3, looks like it will be a rearguard batting day. Unbelievable session.
Murtagh already got his fifer :oops:

Englands top order , on todays poor showing facing a master bowling class (in the main from Murtagh) really dont seem to be in the right mindset, never mind in any kind of form, to face the Aussies
out of the 7 batsmen dismissed only one reached double figures (Daly 23)

Bairstow, Moeen and Woakes all scored zero
67-9 .... currently 81-9

this has been something of an embarrassment for England- so far
all out for 85 ..... ffs England get Geoff Boycott to coach the batsmen on how its done in Test cricket
It's a mindset/culture issue from the coach downwards. The batsmen don't value their wickets when the bowling is good, so if the ball is doing something, England invariably get skittled out for tuppence.
I bet we asked for a green wicket! But then we bat first. Murtagh on his home ground knows it better than anyone else playing, puts it on the spot and bowls us out. Poor technique against a moving ball aided by too much one day bashing and its all a recipe for what happened. Now we should have the bowlers to exploit the conditions but if they get too anxious and bowl short we'll be even more embarrassed!!
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