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EFL Summer Transfer Window to close earlier


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7 Dec 2017
BBC Sport

EFL clubs have voted through proposals to shut the summer transfer window for permanent transfers on Thursday, 9 August at 17:00 BST.

That brings the 72 EFL clubs in line with the Premier League, who voted in favour of closing the window before their season starts last September.

The 2018-19 EFL season is scheduled to start on Saturday, 4 August.

Clubs outside the top flight will still be able to sign players on loan until 31 August.

Thoughts? Will this move help or hinder or efforts to shape the squad for a fresh promotion push next season? The fact loan signings are still permitted until September is really positive.
First thoughts are that this is sensible - particularly with the loans element as you say.

It should allow us to be clearer on our squad - and particularly in relation to having squad members pinched - whilst still being able to bolster in the first month.

Dare I say it, a rare example of common sense being displayed by the football authorities?!
I'm not sure it will have that much effect other than condense the transfer activity. The only benefit I can see is that the squad won't be affected through player uncertainty/speculation when the League games start (although see my next point).

I can already see one obvious ruse around permanent signings rule by signing a player on loan which will turn permanent in January (unless they have considered that already). So the speculation I suppose could still happen anyway.
What I find interesting is that this has been talked about for years, yet has been so simple to actually do
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