East stand mural


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7 Dec 2017
Sure there were plans to have a U's mural across the back of the east stand where flags are normally hung. Is that still happening?
Guess it will be perspex?

Be good to have something like that at the back of the north stand too.
Have heard rumours that the mural is taken from squad photos for 17/18 and have already been printed, ready for the first friendly.

On the back of the East Stand there will be 12 foot images of Xemi, Tiendelli, Mehmeti, Pekalski and Pep.
Ask Charlie, he has probably painted it !!

Last Supper painting of the squad, one assumes. Wonder who will be the Christ-like figure in the centre?

To be fair, parting the sea, turning water in wine and feeding 5000 on 5 loafs and two fish, is nothing compared to the miracles Charlie’s has preformed

Waiting for some Photoshopping of my suggestion...
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