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23 Dec 2017

The times are a changing: #metoo, #blacklivesmatter, #Americafirst, #borntobeyellowwasatw@...it is an exciting time to be alive! the people are finding their (online) voices and these voices are being heard..HEARD!!.(these ills of society not necessarily acted upon, but heard nevertheless...)
In the past we have had little chance to help our club financially - what was a DOMINO if not a s**t pizza?, how do you do some Animalates? (many misunderstood what it was and got needlessly in trouble with the RSPCA), we cannot all afford to get a project underway worthy of significant UNIPART or Buildbase involvement.....and the jury took its time in acquitting me after my explanation of my attempts at WANG fundraising - but I digress...
Now is the perfect opportunity for us Yellows fans to get in on this hashtag # movement, we can contribute to our clubs financial security...it's so simple...how did it take until my third poppadom to realise we can drink our way to success! Join me!, Post on this thread your moment of contribution to the OUFC cause! (The more interesting the better) but with the hashtag of #doingmybit
For we will be!
Join me!

(even from the safety of the 'OUFC boardroom' forum I can still hear the shouting through the walls....keep it down in there 'summer transfer' forum! ?)
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