Do you have a budgie?


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I don't, used to have a cockatiel though, called him Tommy. Recently adopted a rescue dog, Staffy cross, possibly with a Boxer, around 5 yr old, Settling in really well, good temperament and social with others of his species!
Has the squits atm, took him to the vet, who squeezed his stomach and stuck a thermometer up his rear- not too surprisingly pooch snarled and growled at the vet!!
Wouldn't be without having a canine friend, even though it was heart breaking when our last dog had to be 'put down' due to cancer, was 13 years old, had him since a puppy.
As for cats, had a couple along the way, not anywhere near as loveable!! :poop:


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Some years ago I had some Speedos ....aka...budgie smugglers:oops:

Back in the 70s I had a Budgie jacket:cool:
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