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14 Dec 2017
Have FIFA changed the rules so its no longer a yellow card for diving or faking injury? Neymar for instance should have have had about 10 yellows already.

Stopping free kicks being taken quickly is another bug bear of mine. Another rule change reversed by FIFA?
FiFA seem to make it up and change applications as they go along ....ever wondered where Shaun Harvey takes inspiration from?:rolleyes:

Neymar, (including one purely for his stupid noodle-esque haircut !), should've already had several red cards as well as those 10 yellows:cautious:

...as SHOULD a number of other players too! .... not that FIFA give a flying f**k.... maybe wanting/expecting cheating to be
punished is perhaps a bridge to VAR?:unsure:
One of the biggest disgraced of this WC has been the diving and cheating which is as bad/ worse than ever.
Neymar is as bad as anybody. Apparently few are in the referees ears giving as much abuse to them as Neymar.
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