12 Dec 2017
New ownership = new Board structure. All perfectly normal.
Might be normal, but I was more curious if anyone had knowledge on the individuals concerned.

Were their contributions indispensible? Are there walk-outs which which raise questions/concerns...
Dalton was involved in the manager process. Maybe Bellamy was his choice and with Tiger wanting his on man he felt his position was untenable and walked.


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6 Dec 2017
And there you have it.
I reckon all of this has come about because Mr Cannell's riposte to the free hotdogs at Carlisle was to tag Darryl as 'Slippery'.
Since then he has probably been biding his time waiting for his chance to get his own back on us whining ungrateful supporters. And by selling our club to an excitable mate of Sean Harvey who probably has the attention span of an Instagram user, he has got his own back on us in spades.
If only I had thought of that earlier.


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8 Dec 2017

Sacked or resigned?

Clear out or exodus?

A personal observation in life, some Directors are more necessary than others...

What's going on? Do you think its good or bad, or indeed not sure yet...
Tiger was asked about board members in the Press conference and said that the board would change and initially would be him and Darryl. Fairly standard new owner activity. Hopefully he will bring in some others of quality and integrity soon.
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