Directors leave but Dave Jones remains


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8 Dec 2017
Peter Lee, Lionel Tarassenko, Benn Brown and Simon Kelner all leave board, according to documents posted on Twitter
Yes, current board according to companies house is Tiger, Darryl, Stephen Dolton & Dave Jones.
Unsurprising given the new owner and the lack of clear purpose/results for some of them.
Darryl is also no longer a Director of OUWFC replaced by Tiger.
I'd guess the filing is a bit behind, can't imagine the other directors staying on under new ownership. What will be interesting is who else joins the board.
Surely this is very good news. From where I am standing I can only see positives with Dave’s contacts and media connections.
From a publicity point of view, I hope Dave Jones stays on board. He has decent contacts and the mighty Yellows quite often get a mention on a lot of the prime time Sports Programmes that he presents.
Has Tiger kept Dave Jones on the board because he buys into Dave's Daydream Believer outlook?:sneaky:

With Peter Lee leaving the board ( he was responsible for merchandising including replica kit etc.)
we will most probably have a new kit deal and front of shirt sponsors as I believe the Liontrust deal
ends in 2018.

I wonder what brand will be on the front of our shirts next season :geek:
I can guess who will be making the merchandise next season, hopefully better quality at no extra cost.
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