Directors leave but Dave Jones remains


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Yes, current board according to companies house is Tiger, Darryl, Stephen Dolton & Dave Jones.
Unsurprising given the new owner and the lack of clear purpose/results for some of them.


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I'd guess the filing is a bit behind, can't imagine the other directors staying on under new ownership. What will be interesting is who else joins the board.

Jason N

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From a publicity point of view, I hope Dave Jones stays on board. He has decent contacts and the mighty Yellows quite often get a mention on a lot of the prime time Sports Programmes that he presents.


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Has Tiger kept Dave Jones on the board because he buys into Dave's Daydream Believer outlook?:sneaky:

With Peter Lee leaving the board ( he was responsible for merchandising including replica kit etc.)
we will most probably have a new kit deal and front of shirt sponsors as I believe the Liontrust deal
ends in 2018.

I wonder what brand will be on the front of our shirts next season :geek:
I can guess who will be making the merchandise next season, hopefully better quality at no extra cost.
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