Desperate for a striker.

He won’t score “goals for fun” in L1 as he’s not good enough......comparing him to John Aldridge is, I assume, some sort of joke?[/QUOTE

No! Not comparing Kane Hemmings with John Aldridge! Clearly, Aldo was a premiership quality striker! The point I was seeking to convey is that both Hemmings and Aldridge were seen at their best (at the level at which they were playing) when paired with a player in the Billy Hamilton mould!
What is unfair and unjustified is criticism of Kane Hemmings for not being effective when played as a lone striker! Surely, our recruitment department would have seen Kane's strengths and weaknesses from watching him play for Dundee (which surely they and on TV) before spending hundreds of thousands of pounds (£)!
Marvin set up a lot more goals than he scored and he did so from left back. I know he didn't cover himself in glory when he left but let's not outright lie about him

There is some rewriting of history about Johnson on here at times, he was only here a short time, but once he had settled in he was quality for us. His crossing was superb at times but it was still not good enough for Hemings to score apparently?

People have let how he left colour their opinions of his performances.
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