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Desmond Morris


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11 Dec 2017

Disposing of half of his possessions to downsize. Let's hope he doesn't throw the original Ox-Head design in the skip.

I wonder if he's donating his reseach papers for the Soccer Tribe to the Institute of Hooligan Studies?

From the Times link, he's selling half of his 11,000 books. That means he's keeping the other 5,500?

Anyway, nice to see he's moving to be next to his son and grandchildren, if Curragh of Kildare still reads here.
I also would be very interested to see what OUFC items may be amongst Doc Morris' possessions.

Lovely man who I wish nothing but the best in his remaining days.
Offer him 15 minutes as a sub in L1 on the last game of the season for all of it - or pay him in crypto OUFC utility tokens lol
I remember Doc Morris sitting in the Directors Box in the Beech Road stand through thick and thin, mostly thin. Always managed a smile and a wave. Sad to learn of the loss of his wife, same time as I learnt of the passing of Robin Herd. With Maurice Evans also gone, Doc Morris is the last of the true gentlemen Yellows. I wish him all the best.
Cheers guys. Really appreciate the good wishes, kind words and sympathies re my mum (who was a fanatical Oxford fan and listened to matches on the radio to the end).

Glad to say that dad has settled in well to his new Irish surroundings (downsizing but with about 4000 books still!!) and more importantly (!!) the original ox head has accompanied him and has pride of place on the wall in his new TV room.
I recall 2011 going on a cruise to Alaska. Mid Atlantic and hearing radio oxford commentary on a match. It was Desmond and his lovely wife on wi-fi listening. I joined them listening to the game and we talked about his (not) favourite person and his yacht lol
Please pass on my condolences to your dad.
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