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Manager/Coach Des Buckingham

Taste of things to come this season. Better get used to it.

From September onwards clubs higher up the food chain will panic and sack their manager, unless we have a disastrous start Buckingham will be touted and appear on betting lists with shortish odds against his name, whether he’s in the frame or not.

Hopefully the board have taken note and are being proactive about potential successors. They’ve had a warning.
Well Des needs a new contract then on more bunce.
We need to protect ourselves and I’m led to believe head coach wages are not part of the playing budget.
Don't be surprised if his name comes up again if/when Bellamy flops, if he hasn't been snapped up by someone else by then.

Not likely to be for two years though, for all the reasons I listed yesterday (the next year is really cushy with just some relatively easy Nations League ties.....the serious games for World Cup qualification don't start until March or maybe June 2025). Unless Bellamy gets himself into off-field trouble, he'll be in that post until summer 2026 at a minimum.

And Lord knows where we and Des will be by then!
Well then, it would appear that the person i spoke to had perhaps been sold a bit of a custard. Apologies to all that were offended, upset or just downright p1ssed off yesterday, following my post. At least it made Monday pass a bit quicker!
You are normally very close to what happens which is why, when you said it was a 'done deal', I am sure that everybody including me, were very concerned!
Your contact seemed to get it very wrong this once!
They Spoke to Des.
“Hello boyo, is this Des Buckingham? I’m calling from the Welsh FA. Would you be interested in the Wales managers job?”.


“Hello, hello, hello… Bellamy itmis wedyn”.
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