Derry did the post match interviews!!


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26 Dec 2017
What’s everyone’s theories on Derry doing the post match interviews today?

He came across quite well to be fair to him, was it to quash the rumours he is an issue behind the scences, or Robbo realising the fans a fed up with his garbage? Maybe a combination of the two?

Oh I am sure that some of our supporters have a name made up for him!
Be it Tatts (or something more abusive for MAPP)
Cloth head

What will Derrys be?
Yep I also thought Derry spoke well and maybe put to bed some of the darker rumours on here? Who knows, maybe some people know a lot more than me but he seemed measured and quite complimentary towards the players. Basically said everything you’d want to hear. However he did seem to speak as if he and Robinson are more of a double act than the usual manager/ assistant situation, maybe I read too much into it.

As for Robinson not speaking, I think it was a case of ‘cocking a snook’ at everyone who’s been dissing him, now that he’s got a win, which is fair play I suppose, especially if he backs it up with a win at Bristol Rovers next week. Derry did say he was in the dressing room exhausted though, maybe none of us will know how close he came to the bullet yesterday...
Much easier to say positive things when you've just won a game
Maybe Robinson was feeling a bit sheepish about his Whyte easy win without the lad makes his comments even more embarrassing!
I really can’t believe his actions yesterday were anything other than his own choice. He just doesn’t strike me as someone who would meekly do was he was told over something like that.
I found it a bit odd. I'd have thought that he would have jumped at the chance for the interview now that we've finally go a win.
It seems like Derry is doing media duties on the radio this afternoon. To quote a text I just got "Doesn't sound like a raging loon or anything close"
What I thought was odd was that these things are normally planned. The interviewer / presenters seemed as surprised as us.
Plus was he really fully prepared? I’m sure he said our next match was Scunthorpe?
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