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Gary Baldi

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6 Dec 2017
It's fair to say that he's said what a lot of fans in League 1 and League 2 think about the standard of refereeing over the past few seasons. Or the lack thereof. We suffered today with some interesting calls and it seems they did as well. Any referee at the professional level should be fit enough to get around the pitch and not stay in or as near to the centre circle as they can and hope they get a decision right.

Although shooting them is a bit much.
How many refs have got a career out of a surname unlike that daddy’s boy? He was shockingly bad as a player and is nearly as bad as a manager.
Doesn't get around the fact, the standard of officiating has been declining recently. Not an easy job in the slightest, but even so...
The standard of refereeing is awful for a professional sport at this level. Not always, but definitely too often. A good ref should not be a factor in the games; they should just go largely unnoticed and let the game being played speak for itself. But unfortunately that's not always the case. It's amazing people can display such incompetence and still keep their jobs. I don't like the man, but I agree with him in this case - being too unfit and immobile to get around the pitch is inexcusable.
Managers just use it as a get out, they are the easiest excuse and the least fashionable people in football so get pelters for making no more mistakes than players and managers.

Hasn’t been a decline, same standard as ever in a game that will never have perfect officiating, and if it attempts to correct that will become as dire to watch as Rugby or gridiron with the stop start nonsense every ten seconds.

And it does take away from his opinions that he has stole a career, his playing career alone was a disgrace, the chuckle brothers wouldn’t of bought such a useless t**t into their profession as tv clowns even if they did spawn him so he should just keep his head down.
He had a spectacular rant after they lost to us as well. He may have a point about the standard of refereeing, but needs to pick his battles a bit better if he wants to be taken seriously about it.
I assume he apologises to the Ref whenever his player cheats and cons them for a decision?!

He complained about their defender being pulled down for Plymouth's goal but I'm sure he never complains when their players foul the opposition in the oppo's box or their own box. And I'm sure he never complains about a clear penalty not being given when it is in their favour.

All teams do these things to a lesser or greater extent so that is a majorly hypocritical rant by Ferguson. Much easier to blame somebody else for your own team's failings.

I assume his own players will be shot for their errors so the players who missed easy free headers against us are all dead and buried by now. Also, should save their Chairman some cash when they want rid of Ferguson as they just need to shoot him.

Rants like that by managers do not help at all, especially saying they should be shot however flippant a comment it is. I hope he gets a decent length stadium ban rather than touchline ban. Fans and media complain massively but managers should remain professional and Ferguson's hypocritical rant is unprofessional to the extreme.
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