Darren Ferguson resigns from Doncaster


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BBC Sport

"Darren Ferguson has resigned as manager of League One club Doncaster Rovers.

The 46-year-old leaves the club after nearly three seasons in charge and a 15th-place finish last season.

In a statement on the League Managers' Association website, Ferguson said his decision had been made "after recent discussions with the board".

"I'm disappointed to have made this decision as I was looking forward to the new season, but I felt I had no alternative," he said."


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I wonder what all of that is about?
The Board not happy as they didnt make the play offs?

Gary Baldi

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I bet it's about budget, but there were occasions last year where he didn't cover himself or the club in glory with utterings from his mouth


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He has had a pretty mixed career in management, but has managed to get Peterborough promoted a couple of times to the Championship - which isn't bad. Not the most engaging character in the football world though.
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