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Danny Rose


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5 Dec 2017
Talk in the Portsmouth media that Rose deserves a new improved contract as he is doing so well for them.

Looks like he suffered a fractured leg in the game v Northampton, O'Toole involved I heard.
From a drop ball that should have been uncontested. The ref lost the plot for a while.
But Pompey have at least learned their humbling at your place.
And learned well. We are sitting on top of the form tables and now in a play off place.
What's happened to Oxford in the meantime
Two points. 1st being should this not be in the ex player thread? 2nd being does anyone actually care? I honestly don’t. I couldn’t care if he’s being scouted by one of the Premier League big boys. He was avarage at best when we had him could only pass sideways and backwards.
This section of the forum is technically for current and ex players. I decided to make it I to a thread of its own ?
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Ah, that nice, and aptly named, Mr O'Tool e ..how many notches on his 'gun' now?
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