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Danny Hylton

Can't believe it nor see it happening but bloody hell would never moan about Tiger again if this happened
As rumour sites go, HITC has been pretty good and got quite a few moves right. OK not everything is going to happen (O'Dowda to Leeds), but I reckon they get the initial story of interest.
was going well until the bit about contract up in summer

we've been here before when we were somewhat more ummmmm organized
And Josh Wright which was quickly rubbished by KR.

Didn't KR say he was looking at Wright but signed Kashi instead? So HITC weren't wrong per se, just late.

Every time a HITC story comes up, so many people rubbish them as an unreliable source, despite getting so much right in the past. It's bizarre.
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Pete O'Rourke has broken my heart to many times in the last few Transfer Windows.
I don't know if I can handle this not happening now
Would Hylton fit in wth Robinson's 4-3-3 formation (which lets face it is actually a 4-5-1 formation)? Is he the lone forward type? Or would Robinson change to 4-4-2.

If true of course.
I'd be happy with this, we know what we'd be getting and he's a former fans' favourite.
Green shoots of optimism?
Come on Tigger make it happen.
Jesus H Christ, this would be such a shot in the arm for us, please make it happen.
Would love him back, did absolute bits for us and we know what he can do! So long as nobody else swoops in for him.
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