Cyril Beavon

Like many others, watched him so many times at the Manor....a sad loss for his family and friends....and of course, all of us at OUFC. RIP Cyril.


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Very sad news Cyril was a favourite of mine when I started watching United a very hard no nonsense defender who was also the penalty taker for quite a while.
Good memories
RIP Cyril
RIP. One of the stalwarts of the team that I grew up watching. I know he was 80 and had a good life but that's Graham Atkinson, Davey Sloan and now Cyril passed on. To use a well-known phrase from his Yorkshire roots "they are taking them from our pen now". Sad, and a bit scarey.


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I remember Cyril Beavon very well. A charming man off the pitch, cynical and vindictive on it. I remember well an August fixture in 1964. We played Brighton on a glorious August evening at the Goldstone. They were full of it, having secured the services of English International Bobby Smith. As I recall, they had a particularly speedy left winger who was giving us problems. Cyril did a real hatchet job on him, showing no emotion and slowly chewing gum. You never got sent off in those days but Cyril came very, very close. I think we got a nil nil draw. He once told me "you get nothing for coming second and in football there is no place for losers". How right he was. He was a loyal servant to Oxford United and the world is a poorer place with his passing. He had time for everybody and was a true gentleman.


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RIP. Cyril was in the team in my first season watching at the Manor, great servant. As someone said earlier he was guest of honour at a recent Manor Club lunch and told some great stories. One tale I remember was, Oxford (Headington?) signed him from Wolves who were a top club and very forward thinking at the time, diet, fitness etc. Cyril's first away match was on the south coast somewhere. An hour or so before the kick off the team coach stopped for fish and chips! More relaxed times.
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