CWC 19 Pakistan V South Africa


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6 Dec 2017
10.30 am start...... two sides that havent been all that so far in this world cup...
could be be a close run game ?
Pakistan should win this. There bowling is far superior to the South Africans imo. I also think there batting is better from what I’ve seen so far in the World Cup. Having said that it’s all about on the day. Weather is good and won’t play a factor.
Pakistan won the toss and opted to bat

Pakistan, could, maybe could, make a late charge for a semi final place?... after todays game the play NZ, Afghanistan and Bangladesh
Rather sad that the first game that Lords has in this World Cup is a dead rubber.
Yes at the start of the WC this looked like it would be a decent game with some meaning.
But as you suggest a dead rubber in all likelihood.
almost 15 overs in .... first wicket Fakkar went for 44 .... one close call catch/drop apart, until now Pakistan been having things almost totally their way

81-1 ... 15 overs
Imam gone for 44.... bowled and caught by Tahir.... 98-2 after 21 overs

after reaching 50 in 7.1 overs Pakistan seem to have been batting cautiously... only 48 runs added in just under the next 13 or so overs?
Hafeez gone lbw for 20

30 overs bowled ... 143-3.... after any early foray notching up runs, Pakistan looking like theyll get 260 ...maybe squeeze 300 if they continue as theyve been batting since 7th over?
Babar gone for 69 in 42nd over SA needed to get Babar out , he was looking like he was starting to accelerate his run rate

229-4 .... 8 overs left of Pakistan's innings
228-4 but Pak keep losing wickets of established batsmen. They could go even bigger than they are if one had hung around for longer. Feel this game could be a cracker.
Ngidi bowled decentish in his last 2 overs, taking 3 wickets, he was on a hat trick, but had to deliver 4 more before getting 3 wickets in 2 overs with the penultimate ball of Pakistan's innings

Pakistan managed to get a few over 300 , finishing 308-7

this could be close... alternatively it could go the other way
I'm not sure how good a score that us.
Thinking that South Africa will struggle and Pakistan will win fairly easily. Hope I am wrong.
How theh play Amir will help to decide it.
Not the best of starts from SA at the crease....Amla went for a duck facing the first ball of the second over after a Pakistan review

De Kock dropped on 0 half way through the first over too! 4 overs bowled SA 15-1
De Kock & Du Pluiss building a bit of a partnership , ( a comment that might put an end to it! :oops: )

17 overs bowled SA 75-1
De Kock & Du Pluiss building a bit of a partnership , ( a comment that might put an end to it! :oops: )

17 overs bowled SA 75-1

oh dear, almost inevitable too .... De Kock went for 47 in the 20th over

SA 92-2 30 overs left
all been happening with the Lionesses playing

SA now 160-4 with 15 overs left .... 149 needed for a SA win
SA are really not a good team are they? They look like England were 4 years ago. Irrelevant and clueless.
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