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CWC 19 Pakistan ?? v India ??

Well I'm not so sure. Pakistan were well behind the rate, which is what made the target seem so daft. But if play is possible what is the alternative? Run rate might well come into the equation at the end of the 'group stage' so surely they had to play it out - and at what point do you judge that a target is impossible anyway? 30 an over, 20 an over, 15 an over?
Yes that had to play it out, in case of a tie at the end of the round robin. Then RR comes in to it. Quite right.

For me it get impossible when you have two bowlers at the crease, chasing an unrealistic target, but D/L has been around for along time, so you just have to go with it.
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The Indian spinners make and break that bowling attack. Yadav is a player that you cannot let dictate the game to as he will get through his overs quickly and cheaply. Pak just looked an old team with talent, without a plan. So unathletic, that it costs them runs that they cannot afford to lose.

The injury to Kumar could be worth watching.
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