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CWC 19 : New Zealand V Pakistan


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6 Dec 2017
10.30 am start ..... could be a close match? ...A NZ win would help England's decreasing chances to reach the semi finals
Start delayed ... next pitch inspection 10.30am
NZ win would put them top
Pakistan win would put them 1 pt behind England
unconfirmed as yet ... next inspection and toss expected at 11.30am

edit - toss at 11 ... play set to commence 11.30am
Oh dear.
Pakistan doing their usual and improving as the tournament goes on.
NZ three down for 38.
Neesham got his 50 .... 152-5 ...10 overs to go

225/230 is my guesstimated final score for NZ in this one
Going to call a NZ win on this one. They've gotten out of jail here, and I reckon 220ish is going to be enough.

Edgbaston is not the best batting wicket, New Zealand have an excellent attack and Pakistan are not exactly renowned for keeping their heads during a tricky chase...…

Watch them now knock it off without losing a wicket!
I still think Pakistan are favourites (despite the excellent partnership that's just been broken)
NZ really going for it ...De Grandhomme run out for 63 .... NZ middle order showing how to deal with an early batting collapse

217-6 with 2 overs remaining
237-6 after 50 overs ... see Bayliss, see Morgan, thats how to recover from losing early wickets!
NZ showed a lot of guts and skill further down the order.
They did have the luck that England didnt have (there was one instance very similar to Morgans dismissal that went for 4 j stead of being caught)
But getting out of 80 odd for 5 with a decent ish score shows what a good side they are.
NZ took a wicket in the 3rd over , Pakistan 30-1 after 6 overs

NZ bowling, so far decent, in the main
Boult is getting some seriously good swing when he's bowling

41-1 after 9 overs ... very similar figures as to those of NZ batting earlier , so far
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