CWC 19 India V Afghanistan


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6 Dec 2017
10.30 am start - Southampton
should be a comfortable India win
this match could see India get a seriously high score ? theyve won the toss and are batting first.... India win will take them above England in the overall table
Big wicket for Afghanistan Rohit Sharma has been in great form. The prize wicket is Kholi! Mujeeb bowling really well, and I think he looked excellent against England.
Kholi got his 50 and looking settled at the crease

98-2 after 22 overs
It's not quite what was expected.
Afghanistan need a couple of wickets and India will be in a spot of bother.
Of course Kholi and Dhoni alternatively could destroy Afghanistan.
Interesting game at the moment
another 2 wickets gone .... 137-4 after 31 overs

could be interesting this
151-4 ... 15 overs left .... will India start accelerating their run rate now?
177-4 ...9 overs left ... this wasnt expected at all
Afghanistan bowling has been top notch (so far)

Dhoni gone for 28

193-5 ... 5 overs left
206-5 ...3 overs to bowl ... Afghanistan bowlers done a good job on India batsmen!
Shami gone for 1 in the final over , followed by Jadhav for 52... India 224-8 after their 50 overs

if * Bangladesh Afghanistan batsmen are on similar form as the bowlers this could be a close one , ...maybe even an upset?

* edit - cheers @Foley :)
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This could be the biggest World Cup shock of all time if Afghanistan pull this off. Amazing!
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