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CWC 19: Bangladesh v NZ

Reckon this one could be tight. New Zealand are not that deep a batting side, and they've already lost both openers.

Although sounds like Bangladesh bodged a certain runout of Kane Williamson. That could be critical......
Good game, good game.

New Zealand are a decent side, but the one thing that may be holding them back is the same thing that held England back in World Cups around the turn of the millennium.

They've got some good batsmen and good bowlers but their definition of an all-rounder (deGrandholme, Neesham) seems to be someone who doesn't bat or bowl well enough to get in the side as a specialist. I'm getting vivid memories from watching them of the likes of Mark Ealham, Ronnie Irani, Vince Wells and Craig White!

NZ's a small country so maybe they just don't have any other batsmen of note...…..

Still, they're 2 from 2 and have Afghanistan up next.
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