CWC 19: Australia V South Africa

I had a sneaking suspicion that the Saffers might cause the convicts problems today.

They're a decent team that's underperformed this tournament - but they really hate the Aussies, and will be relishing the chance to make their life harder.....

Don't think it changes much for England - Oz & India are pretty similar sides.....
looking like SA have finally hit form ... get Warner out & theyll win this v easily ... if he hangs around, could be a different story? 131-4 after 27 overs ... chasing 190 or so
First job for England (if this game goes the way it’s heading) - get Warner and Finch out.

Do that as it’s the second job for England - get Sharma and Kohli out.

Interesting that this is another chase that the Aussies have struggled with. What I would give for Morgan to win the toss at Edgbaston ...
All that said, Aussies have a sniff here.

He may be an utter tool but David Warner is having a great tournament. His quiet accumulation of runs has been a weird watch in the era of smashing it however it’s yielded big scores.
Warner went in 40th.... for 122 .... Carey driving Aussies hope along ... 269-5 ... 36 balls remain ... 57 needed , could be a grandstand conclusion to this final match of the group stages?
277-7 ... 4 overs left, 24 balls ...49 needed
25 from 12 deliveries. Very doable for the Aussies!

Edit. Aaaaand then Khawaja goes!
Starc out - just one wicket left. Looks like the Aussies next Thursday
Sa win by 10 runs... convicts face England in the semi final
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