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CWC 19: Australia v Pakistan

Bit of a pakistan batting collapse earlier 207-7 after 36 overs rrr 5.7 .....going to need staying power and decent batting to beat aussies
Oh dear 266-9 5 overs left ....pakistan need a miracle.....think smokey robinson is stateside!
All over, all out 266

Australia really shouldnt have the two cheats playing for them, icc bottled it by not banning both Warner and Smith for ten years imo
Just like the Windies did against the Aussies, Pakistan had chances to win the game today - but they lacked composure and made some really dumb decisions down the stretch.

This Aussie side is definitely flawed, but they've enough good players to be dangerous, and they never give it away at the death.

Hard to see them missing out on the semis now - even if they lost to NZ and England (as they could), they'll be top four if they take care of business (as they should) against Bangladesh, South Africa & Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile Pakistan's hopes are on life support. They could maybe get away with on more defeat if results break their way, but that wouldn't be guaranteed - and they've still got India & NZ to play.
As an aside, weather forecast looks horrendous for Nottingham tomorrow.

Which is a real shame as India vs. NZ would have told us a great deal about a couple of the tournament hopefuls...…..
Really think Pakistan blew it yesterday. Perhaps I put the mockers on them.

There bowling was brilliant yesterday, in particular Mohammed Amir, but that wasn’t backed up with the bat. Poor shot selections cost them, and basically gave there wickets away. Fair play to the Aussies though they did enough to win the game.
The Aussies just bounced them out and Pak didn't have the technique to deal with in the top order. Wahab made that game close, but if Pak had batted with composure, the game was there for them.
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