Match Buildup Covid v police v fans

Ricky Otto

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3 Sep 2018
So when games start again and fans start attending too it will be a very different epoch and the world will have changed. The Eastern culture of wearing face masks will probably be the normal. It’s doubtful that Covid will have been completely eliminated when fans start going again.

So will the police let fans wear face masks given they currently prohibit scarves over mouths and faces etc ?


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7 Dec 2017
Millwall were wearing surgical gowns & face masks in the 70s ?

There was a BBC documentary about Millwall at the time. That firm was known as Treatment. There were also F-Troop and The Halfway Line if I remember correctly!

Pete Burrett

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6 Dec 2017
406’s comes across as a day today or partridge -esque satire

Yes, I remember one of the Millwall fans was called 'Mad Dog'. The film showed him leading a one man charge (ie himself) across the terrace at Bristol Rovers towards the home fans. It was a bizarre film.

EDIT - as @Sarge has pointed out, it was actually 'Harry the Dog'.

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