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League One Coventry City 3rd kit

as well as a 3rd (2-tone inspired kit) Coventry City are also selling a special commemorative programme for tomorrows match V Tranmere R. too ...

At yesterdays CCFC 3rd kit launch, 2-Tone legends Neol Davies (Selecter) and Neville Staple ( Special AKA/ Fun boy 3) added their support for both the new CCFC kit and the kick racism out of football campaign
Perhaps we could have one of the following as our 3rd kit:

Radiohead inspired - grey with a frowning Ox badge

Supergrass inspired - bright colours with your name personally emblazoned where the sponsor should be

Ride inspired - standard kit but you have to grow floppy hair
This is total smart , and a great idea. And nice touch to them glory days. When you thought you could take on the world with music ?.
We didn’t think we could mate, we bloody well did!
As it goes got "Dig The Need Breed" on the old turntable now! I am not a fan of live albums , but it captures the lads as they were!
"Ghost" top tune.
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