Congrats to Brackley Town


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I watched that - much more exciting than yesterday's snoozefest (the cup final, not the wedding. Although I didn't watch the latter, so maybe both!). Equalised with about ten seconds to go to extra time, and then behind on penalties until the very last moment as well. By far the better and more attacking team though so they deserved to win in the end.
Was there as managed to get a freebie to Non-League finals day, couldn't really say no! Brackley certainly deserved it over the whole game. Thought their no.2 Lowe was the best player on the park. Although the Bromley manager certainly aided them by taking off Porter and Mekki who had caused Brackley a few problems and replacing them with defensive minded players hoping to see the game out.
I suppose you might be fishing.....but we have drawn a lot of support from that area of Northants over the years. Until the boundary changes in the 60s I lived in Berkshire so perhaps I shouldn't be allowed to support Oxford??
Yep i was born and bred there so am i not allowed to support the yellows either then?


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Great that they won, though in a way would have preferred to have won the playoff final last week instead and move up into the conference National. I think they have alwasy been an honorary Oxon club, given their location, and as someone said have often taken young U's players on loan/work experience to help their development, so I am always positively minded towards them...


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Hope Slough town will have a good season next time around so you can all get excited about that too..
I'd say that Brackley are pretty much a one-off in this respect, so I don't see the same sort of 'affection' being applied elsewhere - and especially Slough.
However, as former youth teamer James Dobson has once again been their top scorer I will be keeping a small eye on their results.........


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Yes it is pathetic

Anyhow Thatcham had a good win too!
I grew up in Banbury. 11 miles from Brackley. 30 miles from Oxford. How territorial do you have to be regarding county boundaries to P**s all over people who might have more of an interest than you in Brackley's win yesterday?

Seems to be an increase in posters lately who, on threads they can easily ignore, just have to get involved and gripe because it's not catering to them personally.


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i don't know the answer but is Brackely closer to the kasham than Banbury?

Would be willing to take a bet it is. And possibly Thatcham too

No idea what this post means

Jimmy Ike

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Sounded a good game if you were watching, that. Surely they've got to be a decent bet to be in the FL proper within five or six years though; there's a few quid behind them and ownership that seems to want a bit of success.
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