Conference play off final


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7 Dec 2017
As an aside someone at work came round selling raffle tickets for their local non-league football team ("Oh, you won't have heard of them") the other day - turns out it was Histon, now in the Eastern Counties League (same level as Hellenic) playing the likes of Ipswich Wanderers etc.

Generally, dont mind the odd 'plucky underdog' get promotion, as long as they are not from the south east (Stevenage, Barnet, Crawley, Dagenham etc) who rarely add anything different. Saying that, I also agree there are a few traditional league clubs who have more than 'served their time' in the conference and that I would welcome back (Tranmere, WRexham, Torquay, York, Kiddie, Stockport plus a couple in the North East).

SAme with Prem/Championship - it is good to get new faces going up, and big names go down occasionally, etc, but it is always a bit sad to see some of the traditional giants unable to get themselves back up within a few years. Fully functioning versions of the likes of Villa, Leeds, Forest and one or two others would at the very least restore a solid second tier in the top flight, (if not challenging higher), rather than everyone from 7th down just aiming to avoid relegation.
Hope you bought one. In memory of the finest ever centre forward (according to some) to grace our own hallowed turf, if nothing else.

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