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24 Dec 2017
Come on you Yellows, I can still hear it echoing around the empty wembley stadium, still it's on telly to the nation and a great chance to promote our club - come on you Yellows, Yellows, Yellows. I was obviously aware that the fans could not be there but I didn't know that the Yellows would also be absent !!
I like the away shirt but on an occasion like this why were we not wearing OUR SHIRT ? The one we have cherished for years ?
Was anything mentioned about this to our fans beforehand and if so what was the reason? I now have to live with the image of thousands of Yellows fans screaming from their armchairs - screaming come on you Whites !!!!!!!!!!


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6 Dec 2017
shouldve worn the all yellow kit if wycome couldn't afford a different colour shorts than their 'home' shorts- which I read somewhere was the (possible) reason for OUFC having to wear our away kit
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