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General Club Badge

Like it...like it a lot. No faffing on. Ox, name, yellow colour, that's it.
I wonder if this is this just for the 125th year, then revert back to the plain Ox?
Great new badge and pleased to see the name of the club return.

As much as I like the plain Ox head I think this badge is actually better.
Also worth adding that it’s good to see the new shirt for next season will be again worn at the last home game of the season.
Tiger wants to brand us further afield so important to have our name within the badge, I think it fine, not over the top and not too different.

Looks familiar!

Much as I love the simplicity of the current design, from a marketing point of view it’s a no brainer for us to include our name and emphasise the Oxford element. Much better than the badge before last too in that it conveys a message but retains a simple but clear design.

Thumbs up from me.
It looks good and I can understand the change from a branding/marketing perspective. Looking forward to seeing the new kit too. Wonder what colour our away kit will be next season?!
Looks good and I hope we keep it as that design for the next few years.

I also hope we get some better merchandise as well. I think Tiger was less that impressed with the current stock.
I think it's okay. I'd quite like to have the 'ford' part of our name represented in the badge again, but I guess it'll be back one day. Glad to see that Desmond Morris's Minoan Ox seems to be a permanent fixture for us. Ox Mail reckons the stripes are a nod to the old Headington Utd days, but looks more like the Milk Cup kit to me. In summary, I'm fine with it.
Are the stripes a hint at what the new home kit may be? Yellow with thin blue pin stripes?
Classic, iconic Ox's head logo with Oxford United added .... I can live with that :)
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