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Clotet new Brum caretaker manager

Seems very harsh on Monk. Given their points deduction what did they expect?
Hilarious if they stick with him for any length of time. Sacking Monk and making him interim boss is like having a fairly comfortable mattress and replacing it with a bail of hay.
Deep sympathy for Monk.But for Birmingham, first they get shot of Garry Rowett and appoint that clueless Italian who nearly gets them relegated. Redknapp saves them and rewarded with the sack. Now Monk gone.
At least Clotet looks a good choice
Monk's assistant Pep Clotet has been named caretaker head coach.
"The board of directors are hopeful that over time the team can adopt a fresh and modern footballing philosophy," a statement said.

Very worrying combination of statements!
I'd actually like to see Pep given the job. Not because I want to see him fail or believe there's some Hollywood story where he's a success there, but because I would be genuinely interested to see what he would do/who he would sign/how he would play the team if he managed again.
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