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General Christian Doidge....

The Forgotten Highlander

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11 Dec 2017
I know a few forum members suggested going in for this guy in pre-season. You may or may not know he ended up signing for Hibs on a 3 year deal in June for a reported £350k fee. Anyway I was at Pittodrie on Saturday for the Aberdeen v Hibs game and he was utterly abysmal. He had 4 one-one-ones with the keeper and never looked like scoring. He's been woeful all season apparently and certainly looked well out of his depth in the SPL.
On a side note I came down for the Tranmere game a few weeks ago and I honestly think we'd comfortably beat both these teams.
Didnt Kane Hemmings go back to Scotland?
How is he doing?

Cadden and Gorrin from Motherwell look pretty decent to be fair.
Seven painful seasons at The Pitt led me to conclude that if you can’t cut it in the SPL, you haven’t a hope in League 1.

Honourable mention, Degsy Townsley.

If only Oxford were in Scotland, we’d be European qualifiers every season. The pies would also be better, just the commute would be a tad too long.
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