Chris Maguire

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Is now the time for the club to try to bring Chris Maguire back to the club?
Would he a like for like replacement? For someone who can’t seem to get in the team of a relegation haunted club, he may be interested.
He would give the front line guts and determination, and be more direct that the current tippy tappy nonsense we’re currently being served up.


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Disagree I would like him back, but seeing as Bury sacked there manager today I guess nothing will happen in or out of the club.

His “shithousery” as someone stated before is a great asset to the team.
It would be great to see him back. He was a real talent and that ability to shield the ball while running across the 18 yard box until a defender just got a little too close and fouled him resulting in a free kick which he usually took himself. One on one with the keeper there was only one outcome. He truly pissed off the Swindon fans after the last game there with his finger gestures. I think we miss this bit of character and spice in the game which Maguire did bring. I think he would compliment our team well.
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