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Cherwell community larder

Trevor L

Junior Member
11 Dec 2017
Many thanks to those who have donated, an initial £515 has been raised, which will be supplemented by a donation from OxVox funds.

More donations from fans are incredibly welcome for this fantastic project - to donate visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/oxfood-united-in-tackling-hunger

You might have seen the update a few days ago on the club site at https://www.oufc.co.uk/news/2021/january/oxford-united-revisit-cherwell-community-larder/ .

If not, then essentially we're inviting donations from fans to support the club's work to provide meals for distribution to the community by Cherwell Larder.

At this difficult time for everyone, combining creative use of the training ground's catering facilities and food preparation skills with the Larder's organisational and distributional links is enabling large numbers of healthy meals to be distributed to people in need.

Please support us if you are in a position to do so.

Maurice Earp

Well-known member
6 Dec 2017
All/any donations will be gratefully received as we want to raise as much money as possible to help the needy.


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Staff member
6 Dec 2017
Last Friday we were pleased to present the Cherwell Community Larder in Kidlington with £750 towards their work, made up of £575 kindly donated by fans with the balance coming from OxVox funds.

Our thanks to all fans who donated.

For more info, and links to the Larder if you wish to offer your time or skills, or help the Larder team in any way, see here: http://www.oxvox.org.uk/cherwell-larder-update/

We've been enthused by what is a fantastic local project, and we may be involved further in the future.
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