Chelsea - not a single British player

I thought Azpilicueta was a British name!

On a serious note, UEFA should set a minimum number of home grown players in CL squads.

So that would mean Barca would have to have a certain number of players from Catalonia in their squad ?
Not just the players. How many fans will be traveling back to their Kensington homes after the game?
Plastic premiershit and champs league, I hope they all go bust !
Don't worry, the England players of the future will be learning the ropes in the B-team trophy.
I thought Azpilicueta was a British name!

On a serious note, UEFA should set a minimum number of home grown players in CL squads.

Um....there is such a rule. Has been for almost a decade now.
From a squad of 25, clubs have to designate a minimum 8 players that were trained by clubs from the same national league, with 4 of them being from the club's own youth system.

Thing is it's defined as players who were on a club's books for three years between the ages of 15 and 21.

So for Chelsea:
a) Players like Cesc Fabregas & Victor Moses, although not qualified for England, will count as homegrown
b) They've added three guys I've never heard of (Dujon Sterling, Kyle Scott & Callum Hudson-Odoi anyone?) to the squad to make up the numbers

Add in Cahill, Barkley & Drinkwater, and there's your eight.

Probably UEFA can't distinguish between English/Spanish/Polish passport holders etc. because to do so would be against EU law.
Maybe after Brexit, the Premier League could if it wanted to though.....not that it would want to.....
And this is why so many national teams are ahead of ours. Each team should have to have a mininum amount of english irish/Northen welsh and scottish players in there squads. You wonder why are national team is so bad compared to others because the premier league clubs are supplying millions of pounds worth of facilities to foreign talent, it is very rare to see more then 3 English players starting in the top flight.

China have it right, they only allow 3 foreign players in a starting xi and they will benefit massively from this in the next 10 years. We need something similar like 4 non uk and irish players in each xi and 6 in the matchday squad.

Why should we put developing players for other nations ahead of our own?
If Chelsea were forced to field more British players they'd be even shittier than they were against Barca!
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I don’t think that blaming clubs for the standard of the England team is fair due to a few reasons.

1. The England team has reached two semi finals and won one competition in its history, two of these competitions were at home so give us an advantage, host countries usually do well in competitions.

Why does everyone expect us to do that well in competitions when history suggests that the quarter finals as an exit stage is probably about right?

2. If other countries all play to the same rules and don’t have to have a minimum of home grown players in the squad why doesn’t it affect them and stop them being successful?

Perhaps it’s because they have better players than we do who force their way into the team they started with, or get a move to a stronger league such as the premier league and play there.

3. It is not the responsibility of a club to produce players for England, it is only upto them to ensure they win games.

4. The players could take some responsibility, how many spend seasons sat in reserve teams at the big clubs taking their money and not progressing or playing? If they were better than the players coming in they’d be picked, look at rashford and mctominey at Man Utd for examples of this.

Theres nothing to stop these players going abroad to play games and improve as many foreign players do here.

Let’s also not forget that there used to be a rule in European comps that could only name 3 foreign players in a team, this included Irish players as foreign...... how many international comps did
England win then?
We have only just started taking football properly seriously in this country, so it will take years for us to catch up with the big guns. The standard of youth coaching was a joke here for years so it’s not a suprise we have under achieved, as that is the basic of basics for producing good players. Our age group teams have improved massively recently, just need to see that improvement carry through
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